About Us

We are not a big rental company.  We are one family renting one home to “you”. Our family has been proud military for generations. I mention this tradition, to underscore the number of household moves we have personally endured.

We like to think, by now, we know what a good landlord and tenant experience is like, we have certainly had our share of them!

Why should you rent directly from the homeowner?  Let’s face it.  Everyone is trying to find a way to be frugal without cutting out too many conveniences.  Renting directly from the owner of the home saves you money!  How?    A landlord normally pays ten percent of the rental proceeds to a management company.  In order to cover their mortgage and not lose money, the landlord then passes on those fees on to the tenant in the form of a higher rent.  The ten percent payment doesn’t exist when renting directly from the homeowner!  Renting directly from the owner  also cuts down the time required for repairs.  A rental management company normally has to contact the owner of the property to have repairs approved  before arranging a contractor to do a repair.  The only person you have to contact when you rent from the homeowner is the homeowner!  It’s faster and easier and less expensive to rent directly from the homeowner.